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Welcome to Latin Leche – Money rules the world and when you are on the hunt for some Latin boys, it gets even easier. Welcome to the world of our raw gay adventures featuring picking up Latin boys and having with hardcore POV action. We are on top and we are making them do crazy things for little money, all of it in first person perspective videos. Are you ready to hunt some cash-hungry, cock-hungry straight boys from the streets? Come with us!

Latin Leche – Numero 131 – Andreas – Edgy

Okay, when I say this guy is hot, it’s an understatement. He’s got Numero 131 this edgy look – with his gauges and tattoos – that just makes me go crazy. So, when he agrees to have a spa day with me, I know I’m in for a good time. I tell him that we should have a little fun, and that if a stranger happens to wander into the room, we should ask him to join. He dives right in, sucking my uncut cock while I film. Then, a handsome, hung stud makes an appearance, shoving his cock in the...

Latin Leche – Numero 130 – Tough Guy – Pablo

I love it when curious Numero 130 boys try to act like tough guys. I try to help this cutie dry off a little on a rainy day, and he gets defensive when I touch his muscular body. But when I whip out a wad of cash, his whole mood shifts. Suddenly, he’s interested, and I want to show him what it really means to be tough. I invite my hunky friend over to show the kid who’s boss by penetrating his sore asshole with his bulging cock. The kid’s cock waves while he bounces up and down and jerks sticky...

Latin Leche – Numero 128 – Sonny – Painter

Lately, my Numero 128 horny buddy has been helping me out with some construction work, and as a bonus, he gets to fuck the cute boys I meet on the street. Today, I hire a little punk to do some painting with us, and I can tell the boy is desperate for money. For a little cash advance, he’s willing to do whatever I ask. First, he strips down to his underwear. Then, a few more bucks gets him to suck my buddy’s thick cock and bounce on his raw dick. Finally, he sucks the guy’s delicious cock until a...

Latin Leche – Numero 126 – Job Interview – Danny

Our Numero 126 cameraman thinks he’s looking for someone to fix his roof, but as soon as he sets eyes on this cutie, he knows he’s going to be paying him for something more fun. His asshole feels so good on our trickster’s cock that he can’t wait to feed him a hot load of leche!

Latin Leche – Numero 125 – Esteban

Our Numero 125 cameraman offers an inexperienced college student the chance to make some cash between classes, and the boy jumps at the opportunity. Our trickster fucks the boy super hard, making him scream as he strokes before teasing out a delicious load of leche.

Latin Leche – Numero 124 – Hector

This Numero 124 innocent boy has never seen any of our cameraman’s videos, but he still wants to suck cock for some cold hard cash. Our trickster exposes his uncut cock, slipping it inside the boy’s virgin hole before shooting steamy leche!

Latin Leche – Numero 123 – Mauri and Matias

This week, our Numero 123 cameraman sets up a cute Latino boy with a friend of his so the sweet kid can show off his newfound passion for sucking cock. He gives the horny guy a slobbery blowjob and then lets him slam his tight asshole doggystyle.

Latin Leche – Numero 122 – Camera Man and Dan

Most of the time, I’m the one who goes looking around for Numero 122 cute boys to mess around with on camera. But today, I meet up with a sweet kid who won’t stop calling and begging me to fuck him! He reveals he’s been a fan for years, and now that he’s eighteen, he wants to get in on the fun. Lucky for him, I have some cash to help him pay his bills. He sucks my uncut cock, showing me just how much he’s wanted this moment with every lick. Then, I fuck his aching asshole and he teases...