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Skyler Penn & Tory Mason

Skyler Penn & Tory Mason Tory’s blond and fair skinned while Skyler is black haired and a deeply tanned. One thing they have in common is that they are both young, hot, and hungry for each other. They passionately kiss and suck each other. Skyler slips his thick tool into Tory’s tight pink hole and goes to work in some interesting positions. Tory winds up cumming while his ass gets pounded immediately pushing Skyler past the tipping point as he explodes onto Tory’s smooth abs and chest. DOWNLOAD OR EMBED VIDEO

Pumped Up for a Gangbang

Pumped Up for a Gangbang Are you ‘up’ for a gangbang? You better get up…because here it cums! From the time you hit play to the time you wipe the cum off your chest, there’s nothing but hot, hung, young studs fucking and sucking the afternoon away! This is another one that is hard to come by. (But hopefully not to cum by! image ) It’s a DVD rip. My DVD has a mild case of data rot, so there is a glitch very early in the titles, but otherwise seems fine. I thought I better get it ripped and...

Hot Leo and Andre

Hot Leo and Andre Most of Cazzo’s models are Germans, though there are some from other countries, including the US. The men are always nicely built and have a certain rough edge to them, most with natural body hair and face scruff. Aside from the usual sex acts, many scenes include leather, rubber, toys, fisting and the like, often in B&D fantasy settings like dungeons, back rooms and abandoned industrial spaces. The men are really into the sex which makes the scenes so much the hotter. DOWNLOAD OR EMBED VIDEO

High Performance Men – Reality Check

High Performance Men – Reality Check Matt’s hitting the gym and he loves to check himself out in the mirror before a long workout. He’s engulfed by his massive biceps and sexy physique as he poses for the mirror. Alessio comes walking in and Matt is oblivious to the fact that Alessio is laughing at him and posing behind him in the mirror. Matt turns around and Alessio grabs his protein shake and pounds it right in front of him. Matt can’t believe that just went down and is really pissed but Alessio just grabs his face and shoves it...

Toy Antics Result In Him Being Fucked Like A Toy

Toy Antics Result In Him Being Fucked Like A Toy It’s always nice to get someone else to tidy up your mess, but when employing a cleaner the issue of trust is never too far away. After all, how on earth are you ever going to know what they get up to once your back is turned? Will they really be cleaning? Or will they be rifling through your belongings at the very first opportunity? It’s a problem that muscleman, Zack Hood, has to contend with big-time when he gets young Tony Conrad to do some vacuuming in his office....

Josh West and Conner Habib

Josh West and Conner Habib Josh West and Conner Habib are two popular american Porn Stars who told us they always wanted to have Sex but somehow never got the chance to. Well, we could help image Josh has a cock similar to Tim’s. Big, fat, hard, yummie! And of course Conner liked that. Don’t we all? DOWNLOAD OR EMBED VIDEO

Kamel Does Ken Foster

Kamel Does Ken Foster The action picks up with Kamel and Ken Foster at the laundromat. The two young men agree to hook up at Sauna Colonial when Kamel finishes up with his laundry. We follow Kamel to the sauna where we find Ken in a room waiting. The towels are off in no time and the two of them locking lips and then onto their cocks. They continue to savor each other’s cock for a few minutes when Ken grabs the party favors. Kamel dives into Ken’s ass tongue first while Ken takes in some party favor and things...

Frenchglish Lesson – Baptiste Garcia & Luke Allen

Frenchglish Lesson – Baptiste Garcia & Luke Allen Baptiste Garcia & Luke Allen our American guest star attempt to communicate with a French-English dictionary. Of course their focus is primarily on sexual vocabulary and nothing is better than a physical demonstration to learn a new language. It is in an approximate “Frenglish” that these two charming young guys are knowledgeable by showing their dicks, their asses and licking their nipples before starting a horny sixty-nine mixing butt eating ass and oral sex session. Baptiste cannot resist for long the temptation of that ass made in the USA and will begin...

Trent tops Irish

Trent tops Irish Trent is busy stocking poppers in the back room when he catches Irish pocketing something on the security monitors. He confronts him, pulls the merchandise from his pocket, after a not-so-discreet dick graze, and gets Irish to confess he took it for his girlfriend. Well, Trent is not gonna let this fly. So he takes him to the back room and bends him over a bench. Why get the cops involved in petty theft if you can handle it yourself? DOWNLOAD OR EMBED VIDEO

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