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DawgPoundUSA – Yusaf Mack Holiday Hump’n

DawgPoundUSA – Yusaf Mack Holiday Hump’n Time for some holiday hump’n. After fuck buddies work out together they naturally get horny and need to fuck. This hot trio is serving up all the Christmas splendor just in time for the holidays. What better gifts than Bamm Bamm, Young Buck, and new hottie Philly (guess where he’s from?) can we ask Santa for? Suckin’ giant candy canes and stuffin’ each others’ stockings make the season bright. Happy Holidays & a fun-filled, kick-ass 2015 to all. UNLOCK AND DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO PART 1 UNLOCK AND DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO PART 2

Czech Hunter 219

Czech Hunter 219 I was just about going out for lunch where I was supposed to meet a friend when I saw an awesome delivery guy waiting for quite a while in front of a building. As I always have my cam in my bag I switched it on and went straight towards him. He was actually a bit scared of the cam and I could feel that he felt unpleasant. But after a short while our conversation became an open talk about everything. He told me about his bad salary and I could understand that life can be sometimes...

Naked 3 – The Streaking Digest

Naked 3 – The Streaking Digest The third in the Streaking Digest series, with more solo and sex scenes in public places. As with other Japanese porn, theres some pixelation, but its not too obscuring. This time the cute and brave Japanese twinks are naked at the parks both in the morning as well as night. Do expect the hottest jerking off scene beside the ATM machine, threesome, oral sex, and anal at the park.

Bed Buddies – Helix 2015 (Logan Cross, Blake Mitchell)

Bed Buddies – Helix 2015 (Logan Cross, Blake Mitchell) In this scene, two kings of cute kickback pre-poke to get to know each other a little better and do they ever? Connecting over compliments and exploratory touch, the young dudes find just how much they have in common. From the high school wrestling team and locker room lust to Logan’s first scene and a shared love for the stage, the boys bonding boners build until they are ready to rock. Foreplay begins with heaving breaths & heavy petting. Bumping and grinding leads to Logan pawing at Blake’s tattooed torso until...

Broke Straight Boys – Gage Owens And Danny Cannon

Broke Straight Boys – Gage Owens And Danny Cannon Danny Cannon seems pretty submissive to Gage Owens’s desires in this scene, giving him permission to do whatever he wants…and that idea gets Gage excited to get started and he moves in for some kisses! As they make out, their clothes come off and their hands wander across each other until they reach those bulging cocks and Danny gets Gage’s dick in his mouth first. He sucks that delicious meat, deepthroating Gage’s long shaft and sucking on his balls as Gage moans and thrusts his cock deeper down Danny’s throat. When...

Debt Dandy 110

Debt Dandy 110 I met already the most different kinds of people. But this one was very special. He looked good and seemed to be also intelligent. Even though he didn’t have a full-time job he somehow manage to live in the apartment with his girlfriend. And as I found out he even had a second „girlfriend“. Indeed he was a casanova with his eyes and smile… even I was somehow fascinated. He had a lot of debts. More than 40 000 CZK. And when I offered him the money in exchange for one hour of good sex he was...

Rafael Lords Services Hugh Hunter’s Daddy Dick

Rafael Lords Services Hugh Hunter’s Daddy Dick Hugh Hunter isn’t in the mood to take dick this time around — that’s why he sets his sights on Rafael Lords, who is an excellent submissive bottom when the mood strikes him. And when he catches a look at Hugh, his appetite for daddy dick quickly takes over. And I should point out that before getting his ass fucked, Rafael earns some extra brownie points by sucking on Hugh’s dick like a vacuum cleaner — see a sample at 6:10. Before deep-dicking Rafael Lords, Hugh Hunter first scoops him up and holds...

Vadim Farrell takes Roald Ekberg on a WILD RIDE

Vadim Farrell takes Roald Ekberg on a WILD RIDE It seems like this is the week for dark haired and blond combinations. After Marc and Yuri on Thursday Bel Ami is following up with the athletic combination of Roald and Vadim. They start off today with a few of their boys discussing some of their favorite scenes. Adam is there to tell us about his favorite ‘explosive’ experience with Andre and Roald is there to tell us…. well, we can just let you see for yourself what he wanted to say…..

BelAmi: Marc Ruffalo fucks Yuri Alpatov bareback

BelAmi: Marc Ruffalo fucks Yuri Alpatov bareback This is a day where Marc Ruffalo would answer the question, “Do gentlemen prefer blonds” with a resounding yes! What other answer could he give after sampling the exquisite and very blond Yuri Alpatov? Marc is top and Yuri is more than delighted to be bottom. A scene like this makes me envious of the cameraman.

Kinky Angels 4: Jack Harrer

Kinky Angels 4: Jack Harrer “Kinky Angels is the ultimate uber-twink collection. Fresh, sexy and uninhibited, watch as the youngest generation of Bel Ami models make their debut in Kinky Angels Part 4.” From George Duroy’s notes: Jack loves to show off his dick and he loves to have it admired and sucked. His admirer of choice is little Kevin but he settles for substitutes fairly easily. On this level he is very easy and generous and if he considers you to be a friendly entity he lets you play with it as long as you wish…”(Editor’s Note: While mostly...

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