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Pick Up at the Park – Daryl Briggs & Italo Van Ewen

Summer is heating up, and so are Tuesday nights at HelixStudios! Beginning June 16th, members can look forward to an additional new release every Tuesday night at 9pm PST. Filmed on location in Argentina and presented with original Spanish dialogue and English subtitles, Helix Studios has partnered with ALFa Productions to deliver an erotic escape to Latin America.

Daddy Sitter – Part 2 – Jake Nobello and Ryan Bones

Jake Nobello is back sitting at Manuel Skye’s house. But this time, on his way out, horny friend Ryan Bones is looking for a stiff drink. Instead, he gets a stiff cock as Jake parades his tight butt and helps out the frustrated married man. As Ryan glides his dick into Jake’s hot mouth, Manuel Skye knows he is ready for a real boy’s night.

BadPuppy – Elliott And Johannes

Elliott Holloman is watching television when Johannes Lars walks in and sits down on the sofa next to him. Johannes reaches over, feels the bulge in Elliott’s jeans, and wonders why Elliott’s cock is so hard. Our two young studs begin kissing, and Johannes continues to play with Elliott’s dick, unbuttoning his pants so that his cock can be free. They strip out of their clothes. Johannes moves directly to swallow Elliott’s rock-hard cock which, by this time, is standing straight up, looking for some attention. Elliott motions for Johannes to lie back on the sofa; and, he moves to...

Kink – Lance Hart – Lick My Boots And Fuck My Ass

Lance Hart makes a deal with you. If you lick his boots, he’ll let you fuck is ass. He makes you get on your knees and lick his boots. When you’ve done a good enough job, he turns around, bends over, and gives you his round muscular ass. He fucks himself with a dildo and imagines its your hard cock doing the fucking. He gets on his back and fucks himself some more. He makes you imagine licking and sucking his cock and again if you do a good job he’ll give you more of his ass.

BaitBuddies – Mac Savage & Oscar

Due to the current circumstances, Mac Savage and his buddy Oscar have been stuck living together for several months now. With money starting to run low, Mac decided to contact Caruso to see if he could help out. And, Caruso was more than happy to help out. He called Mac and Oscar to try to convince Oscar to go gay for pay… And, even though he knows all about Mac’s evolving sexuality, Oscar said that he just wasn’t ready. But, Caruso wasn’t going to let him off that easy. He told both guys to discuss everything with each other and...

COAT – Gachi Mutch 2 – COAT1451

COAT1451 with another muscle stud, but ends up being the bottom bitch! I like to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go with me. It was quite...

Hunk Channel – OGV157

Suddenly I was puzzled by OGV157 the girl intruder “Who?!”!! I was told that I wanted to do it and answered “I want to do it” obnoxiously w I will do it without being able to do it!! The appearance of Kintama’s weight feeling is particularly erotic in the big dick!! The ejaculation while making the sound of Vinevine gold balls without touching the cock is sweaty super pressure!!! ~ 2nd ~)

Elder Herring – Sacrament with Bishop Davies and Elder Dean

Elder Dean and Elder Herring may think that they have been sneaky about their feelings towards each other. Time and time again, their whispers in the dorms have been caught by the keen ear of the Order. Time and time again, their fellow missionaries have come forward to give up information on their meetings, their love letters, their physical intimacies. And after all the evidence has piled up against the boys, they are finally called in to face each other out in the open. No longer will they be able to hide their inner turmoil, for the men of the...

PeterFever – Black Panda’s Hottest Moments

Boy, are these times crying out for a hot superhero? Revisit the sexiest hookups of the Panda Brotherhood in this ball-draining cum-pilation. First, gorgeous ebony prince Osiris Blade brings the sweet chocolate lovin’ to Asian beauties Ken Ott and Levy Foxx. Their threeway cross-cultural hookup heats up with Ken and Osiris gang banging Levy’s hungry little hole and ends with Osiris’ long thick rod spewing a sticky reward and Ken and Levy both spraying his face with hot creamy Panda juice. The Black Panda himself, Alex Chu, takes on the dastardly agents of chaos portrayed by tatted muscleman Sean Duran...

Cutlers Den – Beef – Ray Diesel and Trevor Wallon

Sitting in the living room chatting… just looking at the size of both these sexy men. While they speak, all we could think about was Ray Diesel’s big fat dick + Trevor Wallon’s big fat ass! …Sitting right there, horny, and ready to fuck. Trevor loves a big dick but this one he was not ready…

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